Skalny – a Polish brand created with women like you in mind! If you like to have your own unique style, you’re a fighter and you like to stand out in the crowd, you found what you were looking for. Skalny – Me Against The World! Defy dullness and mediocrity!

We offer you an exceptional selection of products. A collection of phenomenal clothes that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s an exceptional mix of colors and shades combined with a unique cut. We bring you unique and stylish coats that can’t be compared to anything else. Original printed suit jackets, tunics, varying in length printed t-shirts and great accessories will have everyone down on their knees. With Skalny brand you will show everyone your true colors. Defy dullness and say “NO!” to mediocrity! Stand out in the crowd and take the shackles of the day-to-day hustle off your feet.

Skalny Store


Skalny Store

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